Top Soil, Turf & Artificial Turf

Top Soil

We supply grade 1 or grade 2 topsoil in bulk loads.  For smaller quantities we stock Westland screened and sterilised topsoil in 35l bags.

Ton Bags

All purpose topsoil ton bag delivered locally @£48 (inc VAT).

Loose Ton

Loose ton delivered locally @£42 (inc VAT).

Price can reduce for 5 tons and over.  If you’re struggling to calculate how much soil you need just call us with the area and depth you need and we will happily do the rest!

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For topping up borders or growing vegetables we recommend Westland soil conditioner in 60litre bags.  3 bags for £12, or £60 for the 16 bag rate (one ton in volume).

Soil Conditioner & Manure

If you don’t want the work of moving soil and feel your beds need some extra nutrients, we sell Westland composted manure and soil conditioner in bulk.

16 x 50l Westland manure delivered locally @£60 (inc VAT)

15 x £60l Westland Jacks Magic compost (the original all peat compost enriched with seaweed) @£65.

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Our locally grown turf is cut and delivered to the nursery daily so we can guarantee its freshness. It is a thick top quality turf cut into rolls which measure 60cm wide and 150cm long.  Each roll covers approximately 1m2.

Grade 1 all purpose turf, grown locally, starting at 2.99m2.

Prices reduce for larger quantities, i.e.

50 rolls delivered locally would be £2.52 per roll (inc VAT)

100 rolls delivered locally would be £2.16 per m2 (inc VAT)

Please enquire for a price or call with your measurements and we will happily do the rest!

Trade Enquiries Welcome


turf    turf

Artifical Turf

Ideal for where turf won’t grow!

If you’ve got bad drainage or too much shade, artifical-turfartificial turf can transform your garden into a year-round living area.

We now sell and install all grades of artificial grass.

Please call for an estimate.



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