Top Soil, Compost, Turf & Artificial Grass

Stock up on compost and soil conditioner for this spring, with these great offers from the grower:

Loose ton £48 (inc VAT).  Includes local delivery

Ton grab bag £55 (inc VAT).  Includes local delivery

Grade 1 soil in ton grab bag £66 (inc VAT).  Includes local delivery

Westland 35l Topsoil rrp£4.99, 20 bags for £65

Lawn turf now back in stock


Westland Products:

Westland Jack’s Magic Compost, (the leading compost enriched with seaweed), 60l,
RRP £6.00,
10 bags for £50
Westland farmyard manure, (well rotted, great for mulching beds),
RRP £5.99,
15 bags for £60
Westland soil conditioner, (great for planting / improving the soil and mulching),
RRP £5.99,
15 bags for £60



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Artifical Turf

Ideal for where turf won’t grow!

If you’ve got bad drainage or too much shade, artifical-turfartificial turf can transform your garden into a year-round living area.

We now sell and install all grades of artificial grass.

Please call for an estimate.