Perennials & Alpines

Herbaceous Perennials & Alpines

Our Alpines and Perennials Are Looking Great, Pop In Now For Some Permanent Colour!perennials2

All our perennials and alpines are grown on site using 12 month fertiliser and ‘Intercept’ to ensure against aphids and vine weevil. Seed risen 1st year plants in 9cm pots , these are quick to get established and will flower in their 1st year.

1.5L plants; 2nd year plants which will give you a more instant display.

3L plants, These are grown from division and include some very unusual varieties. From these you get instant show of good flower in your first year.

9cm Pots are £1.99 or 4 for £6
1.5 Litre Pots £3.99 or 3 for £10


Our 1-litre Aubrietia


£3.99, or 3 for £10

 Colour That Keeps Coming Back

£3.99, 3 for £10


Our Growing Beds



Large Herbaceous Perennials

£6.99 each


3 for £18