Acer Davidii ‘Viper’ (Snakebark Maple)


Acer Davidii ‘Viper’ has eye catching green and silvery white striated bark that resembles snake skin. This bark makes for fantastic winter appeal when the leaves have fallen. Before then, the leaves are dark green and turn orange for Autumn. Racemes with flowers lead to winged seeds that ripen to a red-brown colour.

Plant Fact File:

Pot Size: 10 litres
Main flower colour: Green, Orange
Height now: 2m
Spread now: 70cm
Mature height: 7m
Mature spread: 3m
Season of interest: All year
Foliage type: Evergreen
Fragrant: No
Growth rate: Medium
Hardiness: Hardy
Aspect: Sun, Partial-shade
Soil pH: Neutral
Soil type: General
Feed: Chempak No. 2


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