Apple Tree ‘Golden Delicious’ (Malus Domestica), 1.5m Tall


Grow your own delicious apples (dessert).  Wrapped in a block of moist compost so it’s suitable for planting until March.

M9 semi-dwarf rootstock, grows 3-5m tall.

Apples are easy to grow and are suitable for any garden.  They make take a couple of years to crop, but once they start, they will do so for many years.

Plant soon after purchase, when frost free, soak the roots in water first.  Plant in moist soil in a sunny, sheltered position.

Plant Fact File:

Pot Size: Root-wrapped
Main flower colour: Yellow/Green
Height now: 1.5m
Spread now: 30-40cm
Mature height: 3-5m
Mature spread: 3m
Season of interest: Spring/Summer/Autumn
Foliage type: Deciduous
Fragrant: No
Growth rate: Medium
Hardiness: Hardy
Aspect: Sun, partial-shade
Soil pH: Neutral
Soil type: General
Feed: Chempak No. 4