Apta Pottery, Granito Egg Pot


Strong and lightweight.

Our best-selling lightweight range with a unique smooth granite finish in multiple colours.

Available in Egg, Cylinder and Tall Egg shapes and comes in Black, Grey, Beige and Taupe finishes.


D (cm) W (cm) H (cm) Code
Granito Egg Pot 25cm 25 25 25 GR38VA
Granito Egg Pot 32cm 32 32 31 GR38VB
Granito Egg Pot 39cm 39 39 38 GR38VC
Granito Egg Pot 46cm 46 46 43 GR38VD
Granito Egg Pot 54cm 54 54 51 GR38VE

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25cm, 32cm, 39cm, 46cm, 54cm


Beige, Black, Grey, Taupe