Chusan Palm (Trachycarpus Fortunei) 125cm Tall


Stunning tropical specimen, this plant is 10/12 years old.

A dioecious evergreen palm, forming a small tree with a stout, fibre-covered trunk.  It bears a terminal tuft of deeply divided, fan-shaped dark green leaves to 1m in width, and large arching sprays of small, light yellow flowers.

Plant Fact File:

Pot Size: 30 Litres
Main flower colour: Yellow
Height now: Total height = 125cm (trunk = 30-35cm)
Spread now: 125cm
Mature height: 150cm+
Mature spread: 100cm+
Season of interest: All year
Foliage type: Evergreen
Fragrant: No
Growth rate: Slow
Hardiness: Hardy
Aspect: Sun / partial shade
Soil pH: Neutral
Soil type: General
Feed: Q4


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