Climbing Orange Sunblaze Heights Rose Bare Root


Climbing ‘Orange Sunblaze’ Bare Root Rose

Plant Fact File:

  • Plant Type: Climbing Rose
  • Form: Bare Root
  • Flower Color: Bright Orange-Red
  • Growth: Upright, Branching
  • Flower Type: Cupped, Fully Double
  • Foliage: Dark Green


The Climbing ‘Orange Sunblaze’ Bare Root Rose is a charming climbing rose with upright, branching growth. It produces cupped, fully double flowers in a vibrant bright orange-red hue. Sometimes marketed as ‘Climbing Orange Meillandina’ or ‘Meijikatarsar,’ this rose adds a burst of color to your garden.

Key Features:

  • Flower Color: The rose displays bright orange-red flowers, adding a cheerful and vibrant touch to your garden.
  • Growth: With an upright and branching growth habit, this climbing rose can be trained to climb on structures or trellises.
  • Flower Type: The flowers are cupped and fully double, enhancing the visual appeal of the rose.

Planting Tips:

  1. Soak the bare roots in water before planting to ensure proper hydration.
  2. Provide a sturdy support structure for the climbing rose to ascend, such as a trellis or pergola.
  3. Plant the rose at a depth that allows the graft union to be just above the soil level.
  4. Water thoroughly after planting and maintain consistent moisture during the establishment period.

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