Climbing Rose , Rosa Peach Queen


Climbing Rose (Rosa ‘Peach Queen’)

Plant Fact File:

  • Plant Type: Climbing Rose
  • Botanical Name: Rosa ‘Peach Queen’
  • Container Size: Variable (Dependent on nursery)
  • Mature Height: 2.5-3 meters (8-10 feet)
  • Mature Spread: 1.5-2 meters (5-6.5 feet)
  • Flower Color: Peach
  • Flower Form: Double
  • Scent: Mild to moderate fragrance
  • Flowering Period: Late spring to early summer, with sporadic blooms throughout the season
  • Foliage: Green, semi-glossy
  • Hardiness: Fully Hardy
  • Aspect: Full sun to partial shade
  • Soil Type: Moist, well-draining soil
  • Uses: Walls, fences, trellises, pergolas, arbors, containers


Rosa ‘Peach Queen’ is a charming climbing rose cultivar valued for its exquisite peach-colored blooms and graceful climbing habit. This variety produces large, double flowers in delicate shades of peach, creating a soft and romantic ambiance in the garden. The blooms of ‘Peach Queen’ are borne in clusters, adding to their visual impact.

One of the key features of ‘Peach Queen’ is its moderate climbing habit, making it suitable for adorning walls, fences, trellises, pergolas, arbors, and other vertical structures. Its lush green foliage provides an attractive backdrop to the abundant peach-colored blooms, enhancing their beauty.

While ‘Peach Queen’ primarily blooms in late spring to early summer, it may produce sporadic blooms throughout the growing season under optimal conditions. The flowers emit a mild to moderate fragrance, adding to the sensory experience of the garden.

This cultivar is fully hardy and can thrive in various growing conditions, including full sun to partial shade and moist, well-draining soil. ‘Peach Queen’ is a versatile plant that adds charm and elegance to any garden setting.

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