Flopro Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler


This Flopro Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler is a great addition to your garden for watering your lawn as well as beds and borders. It remarkably gives 100% even water coverage. Additionally the sprinkler also has an adjustable water flow. The turbo sprinkler is perfect for watering large areas in a rectangle shape. Therefore great to use on lawns and borders as well as plants.


  • For rectangle shape watering
  • Snap-Fits to all watering brands
  • Adjustable water flow
  • Made from premium grade plastic as well as aluminium
  • Oscillating action with 15 rubber nozzles
  • Smooth regulation of water
  • Nozzle cleaning tool included
  • Water reaches a rectangular area surface of (3.5m x 15m) – 203m²
  • 100% compatible with all watering brands

How to use

1. Place the base of the sprinkler onto your lawn or other flat surface
2. Attach your hose with hose connector to the outlet on the sprinkler
3. Once you turn on your tap the flow of water will start
4. To adjust the direction of water turn the grey dial
5. To clean the nozzles remove the nozzle cleaning tool, by unscrewing it from the side of the sprinkler. Insert into each nozzle to clear debris

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