Ilex Aureomarg Marginata Standard 150cm


Ilex Aureomarg Marginata Standard 150cm
Pot Size 15 Litre
Main flower colour N/A
Height now 1-1.2m stem 30-50cm head
Spread now 50cm
Mature height Up to 2m but can be maintained at a desired height with regular pruning
Mature spread Approximately 1m
Season of interest Winter – Produces vibrant red berries, adding ornamental interest to the garden
Foliage type Evergreen
Fragrant No
Growth rate Slow to moderate
Hardiness Hardy
Aspect Sun / Partial shade
Soil pH Neutral to slightly acidic
Soil type Well-draining soil
Alternatives N/A
Companions Suitable for mixed plantings or as a focal point in the garden, pairs well with other evergreen shrubs or flowering perennials
Feed Regular feeding with a balanced slow-release fertilizer suitable for shrubs is recommended. Follow specific product instructions for application.