Mims Pottery, Polylite Egg Pot

Lightweight and modern, Polylite planters are a popular choice for creating a trendy garden setting.  They are strong and frost proof offering a fantastic option for low maintenance gardening. Available in very large sizes that can be above 1 metre, Polylite planters are versatile for domestic and commercial use.


Diameter (cm) Height (cm) Code Price
Polylite Egg Pot, 45cm 50 45 £59.99
Polylite Egg Pot, 37cm 40 37 £44.99
Polylite Egg Pot, 30cm 32 30 £24.99
Polylite Egg Pot, 24cm 26 24 £14.99

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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24cm, 30cm, 37cm, 45cm