Prunus Laurocerasus Caucasica (Laurel) 150-175cm Rootballed


These are hardy evergreen hedging plants to make an instant hedge, with glossy dark green foliage.  A fast growing hedging plant that is easy to grow.   Prune twice a year in early spring and late summer.

150-175cm tall (measured from top of the rootball) these are fence-high to give excellent screening.

Very similar to the common Cherry Laurel, Caucasica is a dense, bushy, evergreen shrub with large glossy, dark green leaves.  Makes an excellent hedging plant, and can cope with deep shade under trees was well as full sun.

Rootballed (not in a pot), they can be planted directly into the soil. No need to remove the hessian sack – it will decompose naturally in the ground.

Plant 1 every 60cm for an instant screen.

We sell different quantities, sizes, and other hedge varieties.


The plants should be planted and thoroughly watered as soon as possible after delivery, to avoid drying out. Rootballed plants should be planted with the hessian sack still in place (the hessian will rot away in the ground). Do not remove this hessian sack.

Feeding & Aftercare

We recommend to plant with Westland Bone Meal (which acts as a root stimulant) and 6X Fertiliser (a long acting fertiliser). The plants should also be fed from Springtime onwards with Chempak No. 2.

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