Prunus Laurocerasus ‘Genolia’ 20 Litre Pot, 130-150cm Planted Height


130-150cm hedging plant, in a pot.  NOTE – this height is measured from the top of the pot, i.e. the final planted height, from base of stem to top of growth.

A type of cherry laurel, Prunus Laurocerasus ‘Genolia’ is a fast growing hedging plant that is easy to grow.

Vigorous, bushy and upright in habit, reaching a height of 5m. Oblong, glossy leaves are twisted around upon themselves, and are pale green beneath. Cup-shaped fragrant white flowers in upright racemes 5-12cm long in mid and late spring are followed by cherry-like red fruits, ripening to black.


The plants should be planted and thoroughly watered as soon as possible after delivery, to avoid drying out.

Feeding & Aftercare

We recommend to plant with Westland Bone Meal (which acts as a root stimulant) and 6X Fertiliser (a long acting fertiliser). The plants should also be fed from Springtime onwards with Chempak No. 2.