Prunus Rotundifolia (Cherry Laurel) 150cm+ Tall


Bargain hedging!

These are the end of a large crop, approx 200 plants left, they are tall but a little bare at the base.  They will full out again once planted & trimmed.

Hardy evergreen hedging plants to make an instant hedge, with glossy dark green foliage.  A fast growing hedging plant that is easy to grow.  Prune twice a year in early spring and late summer.

150cm+ tall (measured from top of the pot) these are nearly fence high, and will grow fast in the next 12 months.

Plant at 3 or 4 per metre to achieve instant screening.  Will knit together rapidly from Springtime onwards.

We sell different quantities, sizes, and other hedge varieties.

Feeding & Aftercare

We recommend to plant with Westland Bone Meal (which acts as a root stimulant) and 6X Fertiliser (a long acting fertiliser). The plants should also be fed from Springtime onwards with Chempak No. 2.

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