Rambling Super Fairy Rose Bare Root


Rambling ‘Super Fairy’ Bare Root Rose

Plant Fact File:

  • Plant Type: Rambling Rose
  • Form: Bare Root
  • Flower Color: Mid Pink
  • Shape: Medium Rambler
  • Fragrance: Very light
  • Flower Period: Repeat Flowering
  • Height: 12ft (3.75m)


The Rambling ‘Super Fairy’ Bare Root Rose is a delightful rambling rose variety known for its abundance of small, fully double, mid-pink flowers. In its bare root form, this rambling rose is typically sold and planted during the dormant season, allowing it to establish roots before the growing season.

Key Features:

  • Flower Color: ‘Super Fairy’ bears charming mid-pink flowers in great abundance throughout the summer, creating a picturesque display.
  • Fragrance: The rose emits a very light fragrance, adding a subtle scent to the garden.
  • Flower Period: ‘Super Fairy’ exhibits a repeat flowering period, ensuring a continuous bloom throughout the growing season.
  • Height: Reaching a height of 12ft (3.75m), this rambling rose is ideal for covering structures, such as arbors or fences.

Planting Tips:

  1. Soak the bare roots in water for a few hours before planting to ensure proper hydration.
  2. Provide sturdy support, such as a trellis or arbor, for the rambling rose to climb and ramble.
  3. Plant the rose at a depth that allows the graft union to be just above the soil level.
  4. Water thoroughly after planting and maintain consistent moisture during the establishment period.

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