Spathiphyllum Peace Lily


Spathiphyllum ‘Peace Lily’

Plant Fact File:

  • Pot Size: 1 litre
  • Height: 30 cm
  • Spread: 30 cm
  • Season of Interest: Year-round
  • Foliage Type: Evergreen
  • Fragrant: Yes (mild, sweet fragrance)
  • Growth Rate: Moderate
  • Hardiness: Generally grown as a houseplant
  • Aspect: Low to bright, indirect sunlight
  • Soil pH: Slightly acidic to neutral
  • Soil Type: Well-draining potting mix


Spathiphyllum ‘Peace Lily’ is a beloved and elegant houseplant known for its lush, dark green foliage and graceful white blooms. With a 1-litre pot size, this Peace Lily is perfect for adding a touch of beauty and tranquility to your indoor space.

Standing at a height of 30 cm with a spread of 30 cm, ‘Peace Lily’ maintains a well-balanced and compact growth habit. Its moderate growth rate allows it to stay well-suited for tabletops, shelves, or as a charming accent in your indoor decor.

The ‘Peace Lily’ is celebrated not only for its glossy, dark green leaves but also for its exquisite white flowers, which resemble white flags of peace. These blooms carry a mild, sweet fragrance, adding to the plant’s overall appeal.

This houseplant thrives in low to bright, indirect sunlight, making it suitable for a variety of indoor locations. It prefers a well-draining potting mix and should be watered moderately, allowing the soil to dry slightly between waterings.

Spathiphyllum ‘Peace Lily’ is generally grown as a houseplant and can be enjoyed year-round. Beyond its aesthetic charm, it is also known for its air-purifying qualities, making it an excellent choice for improving indoor air quality.

With a 1-litre pot size, this ‘Peace Lily’ is ideal for those looking to incorporate a classic and elegant houseplant into their indoor spaces. It’s not only a beautiful addition to your decor but also a symbol of peace and serenity that brightens up your home year-round.