Vitax Plant Guard Organic, 750ml


Ideal for use in organic gardens or by environmentally-conscious gardeners, Plant Guard Organic has been developed to protect plants from bugs and diseases naturally.

Completely organic, Plant Guard Organic works to create a residual barrier to prevent spore germination and carefully removes, bugs, spores and dust to prevent pests laying their eggs allowing maximum light for photosynthesis.

Plant Guard’s natural ingredients include micronised seaweed to stimulate plant growth.

This ready-to-use spray (750ml) can be used outdoors or under glass.

Easy to use, simply apply a fine spray, thoroughly covering the upper and lower leaf surfaces.

  • Natural protection from bugs and diseases
  • Non-toxic to bees
  • For flowers, fruit & vegetables
  • Protects from aphids & spider mites
  • Protects against mildew
  • Safe to use around children & pets (please read product label and use as advised)