Vitax Stay Off Ultrasonic Animal Repellent, Solar Powered


Banish cats, dogs and foxes from the garden

Stay Off Ultrasonic Animal Deterrent is a dual action animal deterrent that detects animal movement and emits a powerful ultrasonic signal coupled with a bright flashing light.

Solar-powered, it has a detection range of 78m2.

Stay Off Ultrasonic Animal Deterrent:

  • Activated via an infrared motion detector
  • Uses solar power to recharge batteries
  • Dual action

It is the strong ultrasonic dual signals which frighten animals and ensure they do not get used to the sound due to the intermittent signals it sends out when activated.  These signals, coupled with the strong flashing light, are enough to have any pest running for cover.

Stay Off Ultrasonic Animal Deterrent should be situated close to areas that require protection.  Unlike topical alternatives, there is no need to re-apply as the 110o infrared sensing angle sensor picks up activity straight away.

Its weather proof design ensures Stay Off Ultrasonic Animal Deterrent has a long, outdoor life.