Westland Ericaceous Plant Food Granules 900g


Slow release plant food granules that are great for acid-loving plants in pots or beds and borders.

  • Great for Rhododendrons, Azaleas and Camellias
  • Feeds for up to 3 months
  • Extra iron for richer, green leaves
  • NPK: 12-11-18

Why Use

  • One application feeds for 3 months
  • Ideal for rhododendrons, azaleas & camellias
  • Packed with essential nutrients for flower, leaf and root growth

How to Use

  • Use throughout the growing season from March to September. For optimum use apply at the start of the growing season and again after the first flowering
  • Established plants – 40 grams (1 handful) per square metre
  • Planting out – 40 grams (1 handful) per square metre
  • Containerised plants – 20 grams (1/2 handful) per 30 litres of compost
  • Water in to activate granules

Keep granules away from direct contact with plant stems and foliage.

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