Westland Gro-Sure All Purpose 6 Month Plant Feed Tablets


Great slow release food for flowers, fruits, vegetables, roses, shrubs and trees in containers.

  • Easy to handle tablets
  • Great for baskets & containers
  • Feeds for 6 months
  • Suitable for all garden plants

Why Use

Feeds for 6 months Ideal for pots, hanging baskets & containers

Added trace elements for healthy leaves and root development

How to Use

Place the required number of tablets around the plant and push each tablet fully into the compost. Water to activate feed.


Container Pot size No. of tablets
Pots/tubs/baskets Up to 15cm (6 inches) 2
Pots/tubs/baskets 25-30cm (12 inches) 4-6
Pots/tubs/baskets Over 35cm (14 inches) 8-10
Window boxes Per 30cm (12 inch) length 2
Growbags 30ltr/60ltr 1/2


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