Westland Rose Food Enriched with Horse Manure 3kg


  • Enriched with horse manure
  • Bigger blooms
  • Helps prevent disease
  • Adds organic matter
  • NPK 4-3.5-7 + trace nutrients

Why Use

Your roses need the very best to flourish and that’s why we’ve created Westland Rose Food, containing the key nutrients roses need to produce a fantastic show of beautiful blooms. Gardeners have long known that roses love horse manure and now there’s a simple, mess-free way to reap the benefits by using Westland Rose Food.

Benefits of adding horse manure

Incorporating organic matter into soil helps improve soil structure and reduces compaction. It improves soil’s ability to hold onto nutrients and moisture encouraging beneficial organisms such as earthworms and friendly bacteria to thrive. Roses in particular thrive when soil is enriched with manure.

What to Expect

Roses will produce even more blooms and will have improved resistance to disease. Soil conditions will improve due to retention of moisture and nutrients.

Where to Use

For planting and feeding roses all around the garden as a general use plant fertiliser and soil enricher.

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