Instant Winter Colour Available Now at Newgate


20% off all trees shrubs and pottery during January


Our Winter Sale is now on – come down to the nursery for 20% off all pottery, shrubs and trees.


We look forward to seeing you!


Primroses full tray of 15 for £12
   4 pack primroses £2.99 4 packs £10


Alpines £3.50 or 4 for £12
Perennials £3.50 or 4 for £12


Cottage garden perennials £1.99 each 4/£6 or any 10 for £12


Potted spring bulbs from £1.99 4/£6

The Nursery is Packed With Trees and Shrubs Which Will Brighten up These Winter Months


Jasminum nudiflorum
Skimmia obsession


Skimmia rubella
Camellia sasanqua


Hellebores nigra
Viburnum tinus


Lonicera fragrantissima (scented)
Hamamelis mollis (scented)


Lonicera fragrantissima (scented)
Cornus Alba (stem colour)