Our Christmas Trees Have Arrived – See Below!


Be the first to explore our indoor forest and select the perfect tree.  Your tree will then be stored outside and watered until your ready for us to deliver it.


Remember: 10% off all trees and free local delivery until the end of November.  Also, 20% off any Christmas wreath ordered when buying a tree.


Watch Our Video Showing How we Make Holly Wreaths, and to See our Christmas Trees!



Standard Nordman non drop
5-6ft £30

Standard Nordman non drop
5-6ft £30

Standard non drop Nordman
7-8ft £35

Premium Nordman non drop
5-6ft £40

Premium non drop Nordman
4-5ft £28

Christmas Wreaths


Large holly/spruce £24.99
or with lights £29.99

Small spruce wreath £8.99

Large spruce wreath £14.99

Holly wreath £9.99

Holly wreath £9.99

Natural wreath £9.99

Standard wreath £7.99

Grave wreath £9.99

Holly Pots

Made from fresh spruce and holly in an oasis base, great for graves or table decorations.



Natural £4.99 or 3/£12

Deluxe £6.99 or 3/£18

Decorated £5.99 or 3/£15

Instant Evergreen Hedging Direct from the Grower!

Rootball season has just begun and these are the first plants to be lifted . Big plants at small prices ideal for instant screens


7-8ft laurel £49.99 5 or more £43 each

4/5ft laurel @£29.99 5 or more £20 each

7ft plus Leylandii £23.99 or 5 or more £19.20 each

5ft plus yew £49.99 5 or more £37 each

3/4ft yew £28 or 5 or more £20

Evergreen trees 7ft plus (7 varieties) £39.99

8 ft plus extra bushy bamboo £79.99