Bamboo, Phyllostachys Bissetii


This bamboo is grown for its vigour and green cane colour, which persists through the Winter.

An excellent evergreen screening plant.  Keep well watered as they don’t like to be dried out.

Brings movement and sound into the garden.

Is Bamboo Invasive?

Bamboo are excellent evergreen screening plants that have been given a bad name because people have allowed them to spread.   If planted using rhizome barrier (a machine polished plastic) then they are guaranteed not to spread. If watered regularly and fed with Chempak no.2 these plants will provide a graceful screen, which do not block out light, but obscure views.

Plant Fact File:


Pot Size: 10 litres
Main flower colour: Green
Height now: 150-180cm
Spread now: 40-50cm
Mature height: 5m+
Mature spread: Up to customer, due to pruning
Season of interest: All year
Foliage type: Evergreen
Fragrant: No
Growth rate: Fast
Hardiness: Hardy
Aspect: Any (sun, shade, partial-shade)
Soil pH: Any (acid, alkaline, neutral)
Soil type: General, clay
Feed: Chempak No. 2


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